MREF, the Micro Renewable Energy Federation, today (Tuesday 31st July) welcomed the announcement by the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughton T.D. that a grant scheme for PV solar and battery storage for homes is being introduced with immediate effect.

Joint Chair of MREF, Pat Smith said that this was a significant move by the Minister to socialise the benefits of renewable electricity generation in the country, and he was confident that home owners would respond positively to the supports put in place.

He said that MREF had a national network of members who were experienced, professionally qualified, and equipped to install PV solar and battery storage systems for home owners now interested in generating their own renewable electricity.

From experience learned to date from domestic solar PV and battery storage installs in Ireland, he anticipated that many homeowners could look forward to generating in excess of 50% of their own electricity requirements.

The grant support now provided by the Government, coupled with increasing energy costs, now make solar PV an excellent investment for those who want to save money on utility bills while helping the country meet its carbon emission targets going forward.

Mr Smith said that the grant support compliments the Governments ambitions for electrifying heat and transport by encouraging homes to generate some of their own renewable electricity.

However, he said that the restrictions on KwP solar PV size and especially the exclusion of houses built since 2011 needs to be revisited going forward as these homes should be supported as they are also being encouraged to increase electricity usage with electric car and heat pump adoption.

Mr. Smith encouraged the Minister to now build on this grant scheme by immediately moving to develop a meaningful support scheme for commercial roof top solar for farms and businesses both for self- consumption on site and export to the grid.

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